'Walk of Shame' April O'Neil :: New from Playmates!

"Call me!"

This is Shogun April O'Neil from 1993, and one of the last waves of original TMNT action figures. Based I assume (having never seen the movie) on the TMNT III live action film, April is either lost in time wearing her traditional ancient Japanese garb, or is walking off a massive hangover of regret, hoping she doesn't run into anyone she knows on the subway ride home while wearing a stolen bathrobe and pajama bottoms taken from the bathroom floor before climbing out the window of the apartment of a guy she only knows as Tinder's @BigGunz69.

"Jose Cuervo, you are NOT a friend of mine!"
At least her make-up isn't smeared. Small favors!

I'm sure April's hair was a bit less 'Splinter's-nest-y' when new, but it's a hot mess now! I found her at the bottom of a quarter bin at the flea market last weekend. I'm sure the seller had no idea she was a TMNT as all his other TMNT figures were overpriced. In his defense, Shogun April comes across as a McDonald's Happy Meal Barbie type toy, and not one single thing about her would lead you to believe she was April O'Neil. But hey, I won't judge her. We all have our pasts.


Harley Qwednesday :: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker ReAction figures

I've never been a fan of the blind box or blind bag concept. Primarily because my luck tend to lean towards getting multiples of my least wanted figure. I am also no fan of not knowing what I'm spending my hard earned money on. Blind bags I can deal with, because I can squeeze them and determine what's in them. And sometimes they have codes you can decipher to learn what's inside.

As for blind boxes. I avoid those as a rule. I'll just rely on buying a much-needed figure second-hand if/when they become available.

Then there's the latest in 'taking your money': Blind subscription boxes. These are the absolute worst. You don't know what you might even end up with until you end up with it. Are you insane?

Anyways, like with blind boxes, when I find out there is something awesome in a blind subscription box, I just either try to get it for a good price second-hand, or forget about it because the price is too damn high.

Fortunately when I found out about the recent DC Legion of Collectors subscription box that included a ReAction styled Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Joker and went looking for them second-hand, I was able to score both (honestly I'd have been happy with just Harley) for less than one would have cost me at retail...shipped!

I've looked over plenty of these ReAction figures at places like Toys R Us, but these are the first I've owned. The detail on Harley and Joker seems above par. They're definitely good looking figures (I've yet to open them so I can't yet attest to their physical quality.) Harley is especially nice and even comes with her bat!

Joker looks good for this iteration of the Joker. Not my favorite, and this may very well end up being the only version of Jared Leto's Joker I ever own. But I've got to have at least one version of this Joker, so I'm glad I have this guy. The packaging design is excellent on these figures, with the bomb shape and bullets circling the figures. Which is why I'm still on the fence on opening them. They're pieces of art unto themselves.

I've read online that a full line of ReAction Suicide Squad figures are set for release, and as a fan of the movie I may be tempted to complete the team in ReAction form. But if I don't get any more I'm glad I have these two (or at least Harley.)  This Harley is definitely a highlight of my Harley Quinn collection. And thankfully I didn't have to sign up for a bind subscription box to get them!


Looney Tunes Kidrobot Mini Series :: Bugs Bunny in Drag

One of Bugs Bunny's best known gags is to dress in drag and dupe whatever doofus happens to be giving him a hard time.

And while Bugs Bunny merchandise isn't exactly slopping all over toy store shelves these days, you would think there'd be a few historical examples of Bugs Bunny in a dress that you could add to your waskally wabbit collection.

But to my admittedly limited knowledge, this Kidrobot vinyl Bugs Bunny is the only Bugs Bunny in drag ever made in toy form.

I'm sure there is a high-end statue of Bugs as Brunhilde, and perhaps there's a little hard rubber figurine or two from the eighties and nineties that I'm not aware of, possibly by Applause, that represents one of the moments Bugs threw on a skirt. Did Bugs wear a dress at any point in Space Jam? If he did, I suppose there might be something from that marketing jugger-'not'. But I doubt it.

Anyways, it's a good schtick, and as iconic to Bugs Bunny as it is to Milton Berle. So when I discovered that Kidrobot was memorializing Bugs' gender-bent moment from the short Hillbilly Hare I just had to have him! Or her. Or whatever. I'm not judging.

The figures from the Kidrobot Looney Tunes Mini Series are of course highly stylized, but there's no mistaking Bugs Bunny in the get-up he slapped on to mess with a couple of stupid Southern brothercousin rivals.

The Kidrobot Looney Tunes series is blind-boxed, which I hate, but fortunately Bugs-in-a-dress isn't particularly rare or sought after, so I was able to get him opened for retail price off eBay.

If you know of any other examples of Bugs Bunny in drag merchandise, let me know about it in the comments!


Who BootLEGOs The Watchmen?

Well, I don't know exactly who bootlegs The Watchmen, but they exist and can be bought off eBay from China for dirt cheap and shipped free (at least until Dumold Chump gets his way. Get yer bootLEGOs while you still can, America!)

I've wanted a Rorschach minifig for ever now, so when he popped up during one of my eBay BootLEGO searches I had to bite. I would have been fine with just Rorschach, but the price of the whole series was only a bit more costly than an official LEGO minifig, so I figured 'what the heck.'

And I'm glad I did! this series (well, with the exception of one) is extraordinary. Top quality bootLEGOs right here!

They went the extra mile on Adrian Veidt, giving him a thick suede-like cape and shoulder pads with printing on the back and front. Does LEGO make a lynx, or perhaps Playmobil or Schleich would have one that would be proportionally correct for this little guy!

The Comedian is exceptional as well, with his cigar and even his smiley button on his lapel. His shoulder pads are also painted on. And he comes with a rifle, for commie and/or Kennedy killing good times.

Dr. Manhattan. I didn't think I'd love this one as much as I do, but look at that face. LOOK AT IT! The only missed opportunity is the lack of a no-shorts option.

Nite-Owl II. Okay, this one was phoned-in. I wonder if there were plans for a separate cowl piece that was scrapped for the off-center paint job? They could have at least given him a cape! Ugh!

Nite-Owl's former partner Rorschach, however, is an absolute beauty and worth the price of admission alone. He has a great velvety coat and a grappling gun. I love this little weirdo!

Silk Spectre is ok, the face is a bit weird but the design on the body is spot-on (if a bit more green than yellow).

The Watchmen BootLEGO set is a ridiculous and amazing bunch of minifigs that I recommend for everyone who is a fan of the iconic comic book storyline! They're well made and of the highest bootleg quality.

Who watches the Watchmen? It could be YOU!