Bootleg Funko POP Batman

I found this bootleg Funko POP Batman at the flea market and had to have him in all his cheap knock-off glory!

Funko POP!? More like Funky POOP! HAW HAW HAW!

Packaged in a simple little generic re-sealable bag, the vendor had a single Batman, Spider-Man and Captain America available. They were only a buck each, and I really should have bought all three, but with Christmas just past, and having already procured a handful of 'unnecessary' toys that I'd have to try and explain to the Mrs...well, I settled on bagging Batman alone.

Because Batman.
Unlike actual POPs, this bootleg is simply hollow plastic, and not made of vinyl.

He's flatter than a standard POP, and but for the cape, would be a single piece (unlike POPs who have movable heads.)

The bootleg is smaller in scale than your average POP as well. And obviously the paint apps are as ghetto as you can get (you should have seen the Captain America. I know, I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT HIM TOO! And Spider-Man. I swear if I see them again I will.)

For all his flaws, well, bootlegs are supposed to be flawed aren't they? It's part of their charm. It's neat to see the iconic Funko POP aesthetic in bootleg form and I'm glad to have discovered this silly little Batman to add to my collection.


Hotwheels Boom Car :: 2017 New Release

I spotted this 2017 new release Hotwheels Cannon Car, aptly named the 'Boom Car', at Target the other day and couldn't walk away from it. I have a Duplo Clown and Circus Cannon that I simply adore, and while this Hotwheel would have been a great car to have on it's own, it was actually designed to hold (and even fire) a LEGO minifigure!

As you can see, the front is open to hold a minifig, and the explosive plunger serves as a handle for the minfigures.

The red, white and blue color scheme is not only patriotic, but also perfectly matches the New 52 Harley Quinn LEGO minifigure!

The back of the cannon is also open, with the idea that you flick the minifigure with your finger to send them flying! It does work, although try as I might I was unable to get a decent photograph of the action. You'll just have to take my word for it, and if you find the car, invest the dollar to do it yourself!

The Boom Car pairs great with this version of Harley, and will be displayed with her for the indefinite future! I hope Hotwheels releases multiple color variations so I can load up more of my Harley and Joker minifigs and take on Gotham City with a Boom Car Army.

Hotwheels has released a few of their cars with minifigs in mind, but the Boom Car is the first with an 'action feature' in mind. After shooting these pictures, I remembered the LEGO Stuntman that came out a few years ago and realized he'd also pair great with this car. Various clowns and other minfigs will also go great with this one. If you're a fan of Hotwheels and LEGO minifigs, I can't think of a single reason you shouldn't own this car.


LEGO Batman Movie Blind Bag Minifigs In Stores NOW!

The LEGO Batman Movie Blind Bag Minifigures aren't officially scheduled for release until January, but word got out a couple days before Christmas that Targets across the land were letting them hit shelves. I ran out and, via the squeeze method, found my two 'must-haves' and grabbed a couple more to surprise myself, and boy is this a great series! I'll be collecting them all at a relatively liesurly pace now that I have the two I couldn't live without. Who are those two? Read on, true believer...

I ended up with Red Hood and Nurse Harley (my must-haves) as well as James Gordon, Calculator, and Pink Batman! As with all LEGO blind bagged minifigures, there is a dot-code on the back of the packages, but I find that frustrating and unreliable, and simply squeeze the packages to find the piece or pieces unique to a specific figure. For Red Hood I felt for that massive dome, and for Harley those pig-tails are unmistakable. We'll look at those two last, and SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS: If you don't want to know who Red Hood is under his red hood, then turn away before you get to the bottom of the page!

First up is Calculator. I like this guy because he's a great unexpected villain, who ever would have expected a Calculator minifig? My only gripe is that his visor says 07734 instead of 58008. I'll have to make a custom visor methinks.

Under the visor, Calculator has a sinister grin MWAHAHAHAHAAA! To find Calculator via the squeeze method, feel for that massive backpack/shoulder-piece and confirm via the helmet or the little square piece that makes the 'calculator' portion of his chest-piece.

Commissioner James Gordon is great, and the first Gordon minifig I have in my collection. An integral part of any good Batman story, James Gordon was long missed in my minifig world. Gordon comes with a Joker 'wanted' poster and your generic LEGO walkie-talkie part that's been around for decades. Feel for those to confirm you have yourself a Jim.

Fairy Batman. Of all the bat variants in the LEGO Batman movie entourage, this one has to be the best. One word: Tutu. Feel for that, the wand and/or the wings to be sure you have this wonderful pixie-Bat. Bonus: a pink cowl to re-create that episode of the Adam West series about the radioactive cowl.

HHHEEELLLLOOOOOOO NURSE! I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I needed the Nurse Harley minifigure the most. I adore the LEGO Batman movie Harley Quinn design, that hair is amazing!

The nurse hat is removable too!

Finding Harley is all about feeling for the hair. The 'clipboard' piece will further confirm you have the crazy candy-striper in your grasp.


Okay, you've been warned...
The LEGO Batman blind bagged Red Hood is a thing of absolute beauty. The perfect little classic Red Hood, he has that wonderful dome, a bow tie, a red cape and a couple uzis.

Red Hood is even wearing a tuxedo. I wouldn't have thought in a million years LEGO would have any reason to make a classic Red Hood! I can't wait to see what part, if any, he plays in the movie. Flashback perhaps?

And underneath that hood hides...


Kidding, kidding.

Under the Red Hood hides...

...Red Hood. More questions than answers here. Will Jason Todd Red Hood be in the LEGO Batman movie, and will he be dressed as classic Red Hood? Only time will tell.

Regardless, the Red Hood is (Harley Quinn not withstanding) the best of the LEGO Batman blind bag series in my humble opinion. Feel for that dome, you can't mistake it for anything else in the series.

That's all for today, kids. I'll be grabbing more myself in the future, but I'm glad I won't feel any pressure or jealousy as I read about others finding them, and I won't be sad if I come across an empty or overly picked over box at the store.

In the meantime I bid you all 'happy hunting'!


Could it be....Gremlins?

A couple months ago I found this sweet simple 1984 3 POA LJN Gizmo at the flea market. A couple weeks ago I found the purple Tootsietoy Gremlin. Not sure of the date on the Tootsietoy, but it has to be mid to late seventies.

The AMC Gremlin is a car you either hate or hate. Actually, one of my 'holy grails' is a Gremlin with a 360 V-8. Because you know that S.O.B. hauls ass. I once drove a friend's AMX and damn near killed the both of us swo I can attenst to the power-to-weight ratio of these bad-boys.

Anyways, I don't collect a lot of toy cars, but my Dad does, so when I found this purple Tootsietoy Gremlin at the flea market for fifty cents I couldn't say 'no.' From the model itself to the color to that seventies sticker, this is a product of it's time and a toy that just won't get made today.

I love this thing so much I'm half tempted to keep it for myself. But seeing as how when my dad passes away I'm set to inherit the bulk of his toy car collection, well I suppose it can hang out at his house for now.